The academic staff members actively pursue research in their respective fields of expertise and these research projects are funded by various funding agencies. On successful completion of these projects, graduate students are awarded MPhil or PhD degrees.


Genetic diversity and management of cabbage white mold pathogen, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and feasibility of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation (ASD) and Bio – fumigation (BF) based disease management for upcountry vegetable production system.

Two year project funded by NSF-2015

Exploring biological and chemical diversity of genera Flueggea and Tephrosia and to develop suitable propagation systems. Two year project Funded by National Science Foundation (NSF)

Dr. R. M. C. S. Ratnayake and Prof. L. R. Jayasekera - Fire tolerance capacity of forest seeds in a savanna ecosystem in Sri Lanka, four year project funded by the University of Kelaniya.

Rice weed management using allelopathic botanicals


Dr. M.P. Jayathilleke (formerly at the Department of Botany) and Prof. L. R. Jayasekera - Formulatuion of a low cost liquid fertilizer from aquatic/terestrial weeds for cultivation of leafy vegetables and ornamental plants, three year project funded by the University of Kelaniya.


Prof D. M. Sirisena - Investigating genetic basis of iron (ferrous) resistance in some rice varieties; five-year project funded by National Research Council.



Prof D. M. Sirisena - Cloning and genetic modification of cellulase genes isolated from bacteria involved in decomposition of rice straw; three-year project funded by University of Kelaniya.


Dr. (Mrs). N. Deshapriya and Dr. ( Mrs) B.T.S.D. Kannangara -Isolation and inclusion of mixed litter decomposing fungi in a national culture collection. Three-year project funded by National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka.



Dr. (Mrs) M. Amarasinghe - Phytoremediation potential of freshwater wetland plants, plant-based waste water treatment systems, diversity and distribution of mangroves and sea grasses, coastal resources management, three year project funded by National Science Foundation.


Prof. (Mrs.) Krishanthi Abeywickrama and Kalahe Sarananda (Fruit Research Unit, Gannoruwa, Sri Lanka) – Integrated disease control methods for post-harvest quality improvement of banana and papaya. Two-year project funded by International Foundation For Science (IFS), Sweden and National Science Foundation (NSF), Sri Lanka.



Mrs. S.P. Senanayake and Dr S Benjamin (Head, Ecology and Environmental Biology project, Institute of Fundamental Studies, Sri Lanka) Taxonomic revision of the genera Dendrobium and Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae) of Sri Lanka. Three-year project funded by IFS, Sri Lanka.


Mrs S.P. Senanayake , Prof P Paranagama and Dr Anoma Jayasiri, (Department of Materia Medica, Institute of Indigenous Medicine, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka) Comparative study of taxonomy and pharmaceutical properties of Albizzia lebbek and substitute plants in Sri Lanka. Three-year project funded by University of Kelaniya.