Department Colloquium

The Mathematical Colloquium hosted by the Department of Mathematics, University of Kelaniya gives a unique opportunity both to students and to professional mathematicians to acquaint themselves with recent trends, ideas and results in some area of mathematics, or a closely related field.Remarkable recent theories are also presented here in the general context of contemporary mathematics. The Colloquium is held once in a month. Additional colloquia, titles and abstracts will be added as details become available.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
15/12/2017 Mr. P.V. Pathirana

Mathematics for finance and banking

02/06/2017 Mrs. Hasitha Weerasinghe University of Kelaniya

Forcasting Gold prices in Sri Lanka using a Stochastic Differential Equation

21/04/2017 Dr. Manjula Wickramasinghe Wayamba University

How engineers use (abuse?) Mathematics: Some Applications of Mathematics in Engineering

17/02/2017 Dr. D.K. Mallawa Arachchi University of Kelaniya Fundamentals of Mathematical Biology
06/01/2017 Dr.(Mrs) W.T.P. Hansameenu University of Kelaniya Error in an Iterative Algorithm for Solution of the Regulator Equations for Linear and Nonlinear Parabolic Control Systems