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Postgraduate Diploma/ M.Sc. Degree in Food and Nutrition:

Recent advances in the nutritional science have promoted a greater understanding of the role of nutrition in health and diseases.  At the same time, there has been a realization of the role of food and nutrition in national development and national policy planning.  There is a significant demand for trained personnel in nutrition and dietetics, in medical, educational, agricultural and developmental fields.  The Master of Science in Food and Nutrition is a postgraduate course designed to address many aspects of human nutrition..

Objectives of the postgraduate programmes in Food and Nutrition are as follows:

  • To promote teaching and research activities in Applied Nutrition.
  • To initiate manpower training and establishment of training facilities in Applied Nutrition and related disciplines.

On completion of M. Sc. in Food and Nutrition programme, a student

  • Will have a thorough understanding on the principles of nutrition,
  • Will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in different fields in applied nutrition,
  • Will have the  skills necessary for engaging in and interpreting nutrition research,
  • Will be able to identify and asses nutritional problems in the country and to determine their underlying causes,
  • Will be able to plan, implement and evaluate strategic nutrition intervention programmes to overcome nutrition problems.

Postgraduate Diploma/ M.Sc. Degree in Food and Nutrition

Course code

Course Title

Year 1

FONT 51012

Introduction to Food and Nutrition

FONT 51023

Physiology, Biochemistry and Genetics related to nutrition

FONT 51033

Food and Diets

FONT 51042

Agricultural Nutrition, Parasitology and Environmental Sanitation

FONT 51053

Principles and Practices in Dietetics

FONT 51062

Statistics for Applied Nutrition

FONT 52073

Applied Nutrition and Epidemiology

FONT 52083

Food Microbiology, Food hygiene and Food technology

FONT 52092

Health Education and Sociology

FONT 53103

Management of Nutrition Related Projects

FONT 53112

Sports Nutrition

FONT 53122

Nutrition in Conflict Situation and Recent Advances in Nutrition

FONT 53132

Food Services Management

FONT 53142

Community Nutrition

Year 2

MIBI 6301X

M.Sc. Research Project  (Throughout the year)