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November, 2017: Calling applications for Posgraduate Diploma/ M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition - 2017 and Posgraduate Diploma/ M.Sc. in Applied Microbiology - 2017

Application closing date: November 20, 2017

For further information please visit : http://fgs.kln.ac.lk/index.php/component/content/article/120

September, 2014: Dr. Mrs. Ranjani Amarakoon has newly assumed duties on the 19th of September 2014 in the Department of Microbiology as a Senior Lecturer II. She possesses a Ph.D. in Food Technology and experience working in food industry.

September, 2014: Professor Michael F. Hynes of the University of Calgary, Canada, (http://www.bio.ucalgary.ca/contact/faculty/hynes.html) who served as Miss. Anupama Halmillawewa’s Ph.D. supervisor at the University of Calgary deserves immense gratitude of the Department of Microbiology. Professor Hynes’s regular reports sent to the University of Kelaniya in his capacity as the supervisor revealed, not only the steady progress of Anupama’s studies, but also the supervisor’s work ethics and attitudes towards his student. The University of Kelaniya was always pleased to accept Professor Hynes’s recommendations on brief extensions to Anupama’s period of study leave and often went to the extent of reading his entire letters in the Leave Committee to show the committee that how keen the supervisor was towards his duty.

September, 2014: Dr. Miss. Anupama Halmillawewa, who was on study leave, has returned from the University of Calgary, Canada with a Ph.D. and resumed her duties on the 09th of September, 2014. She has several publications under her name published during her Doctoral studies, which was on characterization of phages of Rhizobia. The Department of Microbiology is thankful to her for returning back to serve the Department.

September, 2014: The Faculty of Science has finally given the formal consent to increase the number of students studying Microbiology from 50 to 60. The Department of Microbiology is thankful to the Dean of the Faculty and the Faculty Board for the consent given to increase the number of students by 10, a 20% increase.

August, 2014: Miss. P.D. S. Weerasinghe, who holds a B.Sc. (Special) Degree in Microbiology with a First Class, was appointed with effect from 11. 08. 2014 as a Lecturer (Temporary) at the Department of Microbiology. In addition to her academic performance, a remarkable ability to explain subject matters to an audience, which was evident through her performance in a number of forums, was a major criterion in her selection to the particular post.

August, 2014: A special meeting of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Science decided to allow 60 students, instead of 50, to study Microbiology as a subject in the current academic year of 2012/2013.

July, 2014: Mr. E. A. A. D. Edirisinghe has been promoted to the post of Senior Lecturer Grade II, with effect from 01st of January, 2013. The Department of Microbiology welcomes Mr. Edirisinghe to his new post and appreciates his services.

September, 2013: The request of the Department of Microbiology from the Faculty of Science to take 10 more students to study Microbiology from the academic year 2011/2012 was rejected at a special meeting of Heads of Departments on the grounds that no formal consent had been obtained from the Faculty.

January, 2014: The Department of Microbiology has purchased several costly equipment including a Fermenter, an ultra-pure water purifier, a freeze-drier, an ultra-low temperature (-80oC) freezer and 10 microscopes. The three large laboratories were fixed with air-conditioning equipment, a total of 17 consisting 14 x 24,000BTU equipment and 3 x 12,000BTU equipment. With this, the students will be able to wear protective clothing (lab-coats) in the comfortable AC environment, something which they could not do previously within excessively hot laboratories.

October, 2013: Dr. Mrs. Deepthi Gunasena has been promoted to the post of Senior Lecturer Grade I, with effect from 15th of June, 2012. The Department of Microbiology welcomes Dr. Mrs. Gunasena to her new post and appreciates her valuable services.

July, 2013: The Department of Microbiology has expanded the space of a laboratory in order to accommodate 10 more students to study Microbiology from the academic year 2011/2012, an increase by 20%, from 50 to 60. Microscopes needed for the increase of student numbers have been bought spending a large sum of money.

May, 2013: The Vice-Chancellor’s office has granted the approval to the Development Plan-2013 submitted by the Department of Microbiology and accordingly, released money from the “World Class University Funds” to purchase equipment and improve facilities in the laboratories of the Department. The Department is immensely thankful to the University, especially to the Vice Chancellor Professor Sarath Amunugama, for recognizing the need to upgrade the facilities at the Department and for allocating a substantial amount of money for it, far exceeding the routine annual allocations, from which a recognizable development work is not possible to be accomplished.

April, 2013: Mr. M. M. Gunawardane was re-appointed in the post of the Head of the Department for another term of three years, with effect from 11th of April, 2013.

February, 2013: A new procedure was introduced in the Department of Microbiology in order to maintain high standards in the question papers. A panel discussion on questions aimed at improving the quality of the questions by scrutinizing for any shortcomings proved to be very effective. The panel consists of the members of the academic staff.

January, 2013: The Head of the Department has submitted to the Vice Chancellor a proposal titled “Development Plan- January 2013” designed for the development of the Department of Microbiology.

November, 2013: Senior Professor S. Widanapathirana has been offered by the University a place for six months on contract basis to oversee the position of the Chair of the Department, taking into consideration the inability of the rest of the staff, individually or even as a group, to fill the void left by his retirement.

November, 2013: Senior Professor S. Widanapathirana has retired from the Department of Microbiology after a distinguished carrier in the University of Kelaniya for 42 years. The Department remembers him as the creator and mentor of the Department of Microbiology, the first and only academic department for the subject in the island’s university system.

April, 2010: Dr. D. L. Jayaratne, who contributed his valuable services to the Department of Microbiology for three consecutive terms of three years as the Head of the Department, has completed his tenure on the 31st of March, 2010. The Department of Microbiology remembers Dr. Jayaratne’ services in tiring times. Mr. M. M. Gunawardane succeeded Dr. Jayaratne as the new Head of the Department.