Industrial Modelling Week


ModellingWeek - 2018

Modeling weeks have been running in foreign countries for the last three decades in order to give hands on experience of mathematical/ statistical/ computational modeling in many disciplinarians. Although, this was a novel idea for Sri Lanka, a modeling week was successfully conducted in 2016 during the Research and Academic Collaboration (RACP) program of Department of Statistics & Computer Science. Outcome of this modeling week program was visible in the student performances, in particularly indicated by the performances through students’ industrial training success as well as quality of final year research project. Thus, the department expect to organize the modeling week in this year too under the patronage of University soft skills development program.


The main aims of the modeling week are to train students to solve real word problems using computational modeling techniques, help them choose research topics related to computational modeling and to promote the use of computational methods and models in industry. Also this would encourage collaboration, increase research confidence and enhance soft skills.


Target Group

The proposed Industrial Modeling Week program is aimed at Science undergraduates, who are following honors degree programs. Additionally, Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Social Sciences students, who are following Computer Studies honors program will be targeted as well.



Students are assigned to work in small groups on projects relating to real world problems. On the first day, international/local experts introduce the problems, which were formulated in non-technical terms. Each group is supervised by an international/local expert who given more information pertaining the problem. The group work for a week and present their work and findings on the last day of the week and then write up as a report. The solutions to the real world problem are evaluated based on industrial benchmarks. Best teams are selected by a panel of expertise including the supervisors.


This program is a platform for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real world problem from the Industry. Thus they can gain a valuable experience on handling real world issues under the supervision of experts in the Industry. Students get a great opportunity to work with the experts.  Thus the proposed program is   helpful to expands industry linkages. Students will improve their analytical skills, team work, communication skills and leadership skills.

Dates: 01/12/2018 – 09/12/2018


Program Outline

The program is scheduled in the first week of December 2018.  Outline of the proposed Industrial Modeling Week program is displayed in the following table.





Day 1


Initiation of the Program:

Resource persons present the real world problem to students

Day 2


The group of students research on the background of the program and possible mythologies that could be used to solve the problem.

Day 3


Day 4


Groups presents the progress of their work

Day 5


The group of students apply the methodologies and continue the analysis further

Day 6


Day 7


Conclusion of the program:

Groups present the final solutions



Resource Persons


Mr. Damitha Jayawicrama


Mr. M.D.R. Perera


Mr. Samitha Perera


Mr. Nandana Gunerathne


Dr. Chathura Rajapakse


Mr. Rukshan Fernando


Ms. Dewmini Illeperuma


Mr. Sajith Sanjeew


Dr. (Mrs.) W.M.D.N. Wijeyaratne


Dr. H.K. Salinda Premadasa

Number of Students Participated: 39

Group 01

Supervisor: Mr. Damitha Jayawicrama

Group Topic:


Group 02

Supervisor:  Mr. Rukshan Fernando

Ms. Dewmini Illeperuma

Mr.Sajith Sanjeewa

Group Topic: Modeling Potential NPL Customers for LOLC Finance


Group 03

Supervisor: Dr. Chathura Rajapakse

Group Topic: Optimal building utilization plan


Group 04

Supervisor: Mr.Samitha Perera

Group Topic: Develop premium rate table for an Endowment Life Assurance product and     discuss way forward


Group 05

Supervisor: Mr.Nandana Gunerathne

Group Topic:


Group 06

Supervisor: Mr.M.D.R. Perera

Group Topic: Finding a safe environment for live


Group 07

Supervisor: Dr. H.K Salinda Premadasa

Group Topic: An IoT-based application on route recognition in the university for newcomers


Group 08

Supervisor: Dr. (Mrs.) W.M.D.N. Wijeyaratne

Group Topic: Sustainable plan for energy generation for the next 25 years



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