Title Student Supervisor
1 Factors Affecting to the daily product output efficiency : A case study in Apparel Industry M.W.A.Erandi

Dr. (Mrs) D. D. M. Jayasundara

2 Forecasting Motor Cars Registration In Sri Lanka M.L.P Madushani Dr.(Mrs.) A. P. Hewaarachchi
3 Forecasting monthly retail price of Pepper L.B.M. Sivaraj Mrs. N. V. Chandrasekara
4 Analysis risk factors increasing breast cancer cases in Sri Lanka W.D.D.Weerasinghe Dr. (Mrs.) D. D. M. jayasundara
Mrs. A. M. C. H. Attanayaka
Dr. U. P. Liyanage
5 Factors That Affect Labour Induction and its Successfulness, of Pregnancies in Sri Lanka J. R. N. A. Gunawardana Dr. S. S. N. Perera
6 Identifying factors affecting to safety climate in a tire manufacturing plant: case study L.H.L.S.Madurangee Dr. (Mrs.) D. D. M. Jayasundara
Mrs. A. M. C. H. Attanayaka

Title Student Supervisor
1 Data Mining for Flood Occurrence Prediction G.G.N.D. Banduwardana

Dr (Mrs) M. C. Wijegunasekara

2 Braille-Messenger: SMS Sending Mobile App for Blinds Using Braille U.B.H.S. Udapola Dr. S.R. Liyanage
3 Object Recognition Application – Mind Game H.M.I.M. Senanayake Dr. K. G. H. D. Weerasinghe
4 Machine Learning Dashboard for Aviation Fuel Optimization R.M.N.S. Samarasinghe Prof. N.G.J Dias
5 Product rating application based on customer reviews W.A.U.Bhagyani Dr.(Mrs) W. C. Wijegunasekara
6 Question Answering System A.S.Abeysundara Prof. N G J Dias
7 A Keyword Extraction Method for Tweets using NLP Tools T.C. Weerasooriya Dr. S. R. Liyanage
8 Image Quality Finder (Application to find best image of same scene and damage images) P.D.K.H.Amarasingha Dr.S.R.liyanage
9 Mood detector(android application) T.K.Samarawickrama Dr. K G H D Weerasinghe

Title Student Supervisor
1 Android Application for Safe Driving W.S.C. Perera

Prof. N G J Dias

2 Android Shopping Cart Application G.B.M.K.C.Bandara Dr. (Mrs.) M.C. Wijegunasekara
3 Smart Home Automation Voice Controller P.V.S.P.Perera Dr. K.G.H.D. Weerasinghe
4 Arduino Based Home Automation & Security System R.A.N.N.Ranasinghe Dr. K.G.H.D. Weerasinghe
5 Android Application For Train Ticket Reservation U.G.S.M.Siriweera Prof. N G J Dias


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