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Master of Science programme in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management is a full-time course conducted by the Department of Zoology & Environmental Management of the University of Kelaniya. This course is designed to provide a thorough training and adequate scientific knowledge in the different aspects of aquaculture and fisheries management.

The vision of the programme is to serve society and contribute to national development by developing postgraduate students who excel in knowledge, and skills in the different aspects of aquaculture and fisheries management. The mission of the programme is to produce highly motivated postgraduates capable of making a significant contribution towards national development, the well being of the mankind, to conduct research and provide scientific advice in the different aspects of aquaculture and fisheries management.

Aquaculture has a great potential for increasing the production of food fish as well as ornamental fish for local and export markets. There is a great demand for trained personnel in the field of aquaculture who have an adequate scientific knowledge and practical training on the management of aquaculture systems. Proper management of aquaculture systems is necessary if the aquaculture industry is to be carried out in a sustainable manner.

Most of the fisheries in the world, including those in Sri Lanka are undergoing depletion due to over-exploitation. For a developing country like Sri Lanka, where people depend mainly on fish as a source of animal protein, it is of utmost importance that the fisheries resources are exploited at a sustainable level. For such sustainable exploitation, the resources should be properly managed. It is therefore necessary that the higher level and middle level management personnel in the field of fisheries should have a sound scientific knowledge and adequate training in the various aspects of fisheries management.


to provide a better understanding of aquaculture techniques and fisheries management;

to promote teaching and research activities in aquaculture  and fisheries;

to promote human resources development in the fields of aquaculture  and fisheries management;

to develop skills needed for the management of aquaculture systems;   and

to promote awareness among higher. and middle level managers for sustainable exploitation of fishery resources.

The duration of the M. Sc. course is two academic years (24 months). The medium of instruction is English. During the two year period a student is required to earn a total of at least 60 credits of which at least 30 credits should be earned each year.

During the first year, the programme will include lectures, seminars, tutorials, assignments, laboratory work and field studies and these are offered as Level 5 course units.  For the first year programme, most of the lectures will be conducted during the week-ends and after office hours.

During the second year (Level 6), each candidate is expected to carry out a research project of  10–12 months duration on a selected topic under the supervision of a senior member of the academic staff and submit a dissertation. Full-time attendance at the university will not be required during the second year. The research project could be conducted either in the university or in an institution or location acceptable to the Department of Zoology & Environmental Management.

A credit is a time based quantitative measure assigned to course units on the basis of number of contact hours:

15 contact hours (lectures, seminars and tutorials in any combination) = 1 credit

30–45  hours of laboratory/field work = 1 credit

10 contact hours and 15 hours of laboratory/field work = 1 credit

Applicants should be graduates of a recognized university with one of the following qualifications.

i  B. Sc. Special degree in Zoology

ii  B. Sc. Degree in Fisheries Biology

iii  B. Sc. Degree in Fisheries and Marine Science

iv B. Sc. Special degree in Chemistry / Botany /Microbiology / Human Biology with Zoology as a subsidiary subject

v  B. Sc. Degree in Agriculture

vi B.VSc. Degree

vii B. Sc. General degree with Zoology as a subject

viii any other qualification acceptable to the university


Candidates will be selected by an interview. Preference will be given to the applicants who are employed in a field related to aquaculture or fisheries.

Every application to follow the course should be made on the prescribed form and forwarded to reach the Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya on or before the date specified and in the manner prescribed in the announcement and advertisement that will be published in the newspapers. Each applicant should submit a duly completed application form together with the following documents:

i          Copies of academic records

ii        Recommendation letters from two referees, one of which from the applicant’s academic supervisor.

iii      List of scientific publications (if any)

Copies of the prospectus and the prescribed application form can be obtained by forwarding a self addressed stamped envelope (10” x 12”) together with a money order of Rs. 200.00 drawn in favour of the Registrar, University of Kelaniya, as application fee.


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