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All the students in BSc in Environmental Conservation and Management (BSc in ENCM) or BSc Honours in Environmental Conservation and Management (BSc Honours in ENCM) are required to follow the Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Years 1, 2 and 3) course units while Honours Degree students have to follow the Level 4 course units as well. The students who read for the BSc in ENCM or BScHonoursin ENCM degree programmes have to follow compulsory courses offered by the Departments of Botany, Chemistry, Microbiology and Zoology and Environmental Management.  The students who follow the BSc Honoursin ENCM degree programme should complete a research project under the supervision of a senior academic staff member, submit a report in the format of a dissertation and make an oral presentation based on the project.

Graduates who studied the BSc in ENCM or the BSc Honours in ENCM can enter the employment market in various sectors including institutes of secondary and tertiary education, research laboratories, government ministries, private sector or engage in self employment. The curricula of the ENCM degree programmeshave been designed on the assumption that most of the students who read for the BSc degree find employment opportunities in the government and private sector, while those who read for the BSc Honoursin ENCM degree end up either as University academics or researchers in local or foreign Universities or in Research Institutes.  Most BSc Honoursin ENCM degree holders go on to postgraduate studies for MPhil or PhD degrees.



10th Anniversary Commemorative Volume of ENCM Degree Programme:

Our Future in the Anthropocene

ENCM Prospectus & Students Handbook

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